Blake Little

Los Angeles photographer Blake Little has been making fine art along with celebrity and advertising photography since 1982, and his art is absolutely gorgeous. Whether working as a portrait artist or using his eye to make striking advertising imagery, Blake Little’s photography is breathtaking.

Galleries around the world agree — his work has appeared in galleries since 1992. And not just that — museums are beginning to take notice as well. His very first museum exhibition was in 2014, of photos he took at a gay rodeo.

Of course, our favorite is his Preservation collection, in which the artist covered models of all shapes, sizes and ages in 4,500 pounds of honey. This brilliant series gives us a look at what it might look like to see humans preserved in amber — but it’s a lot less permanent. (Tastier, too!)

He’s published three books of his art — Dichotomy, The Company of Men and Manifest. Here’s our coverage of his work.