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The Daily Sting, Friday: Trump Extends HIV Funding, Asia’s First Trans Bodybuilding Contest

The PEPFAR Extension Act of 2018 renews HIV funding and prevention work, and India has launched its first trans bodybuilding competition

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‘Man Made’ Goes Beyond Transitioning Tales as a Revealing Documentary About Trans Bodybuilders

A new documentary, Man Made, follows five of its competitors in a trans bodybuilding competition, revealing untold stories of transition and triumph

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Meet Ladybeard, Japan’s Crossdressing, Cosplaying, Bodybuilding Pop-Metal Singer

Ladybeard is the most unexpected J-pop idol: his bands Ladybaby and Deadlift Lolita are kawaii-core (or cute-hardcore) starring him, a crossdressing bodybuilder

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This Trans Bodybuilder Is Fighting for LGBTQ Rights in Hong Kong by Competing in the Gay Games

Siu-fung Law, a transgender body builder from Hong Kong, will compete in the region’s 2022 Gay Games and is helping fight for trans rights in Asia

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This Russian Bodybuilder Is Injecting Dangerous Chemicals Into His Body to Get Popeye-Sized Arms

Meet Kirill Tereschin (aka. the Popeye bodybuilder). He’s injecting himself with liters of a chemical called synthol to grow his arms, and it’s killing him.

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Meet Tree Man, a Sexy Fitness Athlete the Internet Is Full-On Obsessed With

Meet Danny Jones, a fitness athlete and online personal trainer based in Southern California who the internet has now nicknamed “Tree Man”

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PICS: Instagram Shows Michael Hoffman’s Growing Tattoo Obsession

Amateur muscleman Michael Hoffman’s Instagram page shows how he went from a clear-skinned teen to an inked Adonis. Here’s our twenty favorites. Ogle away!

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Trans Bodybuilder Is #1 On Reader’s Choice List For Men’s Health’s Ultimate Guy

We told you about Aydian Dowling’s bid to be Men’s Health’s Ultimate Guy and get the cover. The results are in, and he’s #1 when it comes to their readers!

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VIDEO: Norwegians Prank English-Speaking World With Beefcake Video

Odd-Magnus Williamson and Henrik Thodesen visit Lilleputthammer, the pint-sized village where bodybuilders go to make themselves feel larger than life.

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In Pursuit of Perfect: Is It Safe for Young Boys to Pump Iron?

The Today Show recently ran a piece exploring the booming trend of pre-teens that lift weights, entitled “Is It Safe for Young Boys to Pump Iron.” Their whole angle seems to be that the body beautiful obsessions of popular culture is now trickling down to our precious young boys –[…]

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