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The Curves of Your Lips Rewrite History: 22 Years of ‘Velvet Goldmine’

22 years ago today, Todd Haynes’ film ‘Velvet Goldmine’ debuted at Cannes; while the film was initially panned, its reputation has grown immensely

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VIDEOS: The 8 Films of Fantastic Gay Director Todd Haynes

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara star in Carol, out later this year. We look back and rank the seven earlier films by director Todd Haynes.

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BATMEN: Ranking The 8 Actors To Play The Dark Knight

We review all 8 actors who have played the Dark Knight in film and TV to definitively answer the question: Who was the greatest Batman of all time?

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Batman Flatters Unicorn Booty With Subliminal Praise

Alright, who was it? Director Christopher Nolan? Batman himself, Christian Bale? Who is the Unicorn Booty reader working on the next Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises? We’re flattered. Smooch. (via Doodle of Boredom)

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