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Doc Martens: The Shoe Loved by Nazis, Punks and Grunge Kids

Fashion trends are many things, but long-lived is usually not one of them — except for Doc Martens which have been popular for a half-century

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‘Rocketman’ Director Responds to Rumors That a Gay Sex Scene Will Be Cut From the Film

Some believe film studio Paramount wants a gay sex scene cut in order to guarantee a PG-13 rating

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Last Night the Stars of Elton John Biopic ‘Rocketman’ Attended the Film’s First Public Preview

Iconic L.A. concert venue The Troubadour welcomed the cast and public to a preview of the upcoming film

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These 10 LGBTQ Celebrities Have Spoken Openly About Their Mental Health Struggles

Here’s a list of 10 LGBTQ celebrities with mental illness to help raise awareness about mental health and help inspire you or people you know to seek help

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