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This Week France’s Macron Made a Ludicrous Statement About the Church’s Support of LGBTs

The president said he’s working to “repair” the links between Church and State, and his comments have received wide criticism

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French President Says He ‘Won’t Lecture’ Egyptian Leader on LGBTQ Rights (Though He Did With Putin)

French President Emmanuel Macron said he wouldn’t lecture the president of Egypt on human and LGBTQ rights, but a military contract might be the cause

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Will France’s Newly Elected Emmanuel Macron Be an LGBTQ-Friendly President?

Elected Sunday with 66.1% of the vote against extreme right candidate Marine Le Pen, will Emmanuel Macron meet the expectations of an LGBTQ-friendly leader?

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Exclusive: In France, Many Young Gay Men Will Vote for Marine Le Pen 

Hornet follows up its February poll of French gay men by examining who they will vote for in this Sunday’s final round of the presidential election

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