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No, It’s Actually Not ‘Intolerance’ When Liberals Reject Intolerant Conservative Ideals

To ensure America remains the tolerant society it was intended to be, we must be intolerant of intolerant ideas

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The Sad But True Story of San Domino, Fascist Italy’s Island for ‘Immoral’ Gay Men

San Domingo was Mussolini’s gay island where he deported ‘immoral’ queer men during Italy’s fascist heyday before World War II, and few folks know about it

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Here Are 5 Terrifying Social Experiments Proving Everyday People Can Fall Into Fascism

If you think you’d always do the right thing, these five experiments prove that when authority is involved, maybe you wouldn’t

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Week In Review: India Legalizes Gays, Farewell to Burt Reynolds and ‘Adventure Time’

In today’s look at the week’s top stories, we say goodbye to ‘Adventure Time’ and Burt Reynolds as India gives the boot to outdated anti-LGBTQ laws

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