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Crybaby Queerphobic Players Say ‘Game Over’ to BattleTech’s Gender-Neutral Pronoun Option

The latest iteration of ‘BattleTech’ came out last week, and it’s getting mixed reviews on Steam — due to gamers upset over an option to make characters gender-neutral

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The Latest Trend in the World of Comic Books Appears to Be Harassment of Women and Queer People

Alt-right nerds are no longer happy with harassing game creators and sci-fi authors they don’t like; ComicsGate is directed at women and LGBTQ cartoonists

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The Only Way To Stop Toxic Gamer Culture: Start Playing Out Loud

Racism, misogyny and queerphobia don’t have to be a normal part of playing online games, especially if more of us oppose it.

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Genderqueer Sims And Bisexual Assassins: How Games Are Getting Even More Inclusive

The Sims 4 just removed the gender restrictions on clothing, hair and accessories — and that’s not the only game that’s becoming more inclusive!

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