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This ‘Sailor Moon’ Fan Doesn’t Care He Loses Followers by Posting His Drag Cosplay

When cosplayer Leo Bane does crossplay as a ‘Sailor Moon’ character, not all of his fans like it, making us wonder: Is there a wrong way to do cosplay?

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Marvel at the 15 Best Cosplays on Tumblr

Planning a Halloween costume? Well, look no further than Tumblr, where creative types delight in posting their home-grown cosplay ideas!

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Harry Potter Handles His Wand In Magically Sexy Bedroom Shoot

Photographer Sarah Hester is gonna cast a spell on you with these very sexy pictures of ‘the boy who lived’ all alone in his bedroom!

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‘Cheek 2 Cheek’: The Game About Butts You’ve Always Wanted

Everyone likes butts, and this game has lots of them. Yes, they’re all man-butts, but non-male, non-cis players can join in the fun. Get your hands ready!

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