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Here Are 5 Ways Hornet Uses Technology and Community to Keep Users Safe

As the world’s premier gay social network, we’re proud to be a platform for more than 25 million guys worldwide, and part of our mission requires us to create a safe and affirming environment where users can express all the different and wonderful parts of themselves. And because Hornet is not[…]

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A Scary Emergency Alert About Armageddon Was Broadcast in Southern California

Yesterday, TV viewers in Orange County, California saw a disturbing emergency alert warning about the end of the world — but was it a hoax or an accident?

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A Hacker Just Leaked the New Season of ‘Orange is the New Black’

A hacker tried ransoming Netflix to not release ‘Orange is the New Black’ early — Netflix refused, and now the first ten episodes are on torrent sites

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Hacker Hijacks Daesh/ISIS Twitter Accounts, Displays Rainbows And Gay Porn

One Anonymous hacker is tired of anti-gay terrorists celebrating the Orlando shooting, and is fighting back with rainbows and gay porn.

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