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Hugo Award-Winning Author N. K. Jemisin Explains Why Bigots Are Bad at Writing

Hugo and Nebula Award-winning science fiction author N. K. Jemisin recently explained on Twitter why bigots are bad at things and we are here for it

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Chuck Tingle, the Author Behind Those Ridiculous ‘Pounded in the Butt’ Books, Now Has a Podcast

On March 14, the people behind ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ will unleash a new Chuck Tingle podcast which promises to be weird and possibly involve dinosaur butt sex

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Hugo-Nominated Chuck Tingle Is The Hero We Need

The Sad Puppies thought they’d show how hollow the Hugo Awards are by nominating Chuck Tingle. Instead, Tingle is showing the world how laughable the puppies are.

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Sorry, Sad Puppies: Science Fiction Has Always Been Political

A group called the Sad Puppies wanted the prestigious Hugo Awards to go towards sci-fi writers who did not have a political agenda… but that’s impossible.

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It’s Official, GamerGate: Nobody Likes You

GamerGate is a movement about ‘ethics in video games journalism.’ Haha! Just kidding: they’re a bunch of hateful, bigoted misogynists and nobody likes them.

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