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This Gay Man Speaks Out About Fleeing Iraq, Where He Says Being LGBT Is a ‘Death Sentence’

Amir Ashour, a gay Iraqi who fled to the United States, eventually started the very first LGBTQ organization in Iraq

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Iraqi Police Arrest ISIS Executioner Who Threw Gay Men Off of Buildings

Abu Omer, an anti-gay executioner with the Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS, has been arrested by Iraqi security forces and may be executed himself

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Daniel Tosh Digs Into the Zakar Twins’ Sex Lives (Video)

On last night’s new episode of ‘Tosh.0,’ comedian Daniel Tosh digs into the sex lives of Michael and Zach Zakar, a pair of sexy, gay Iraqi identical twins

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As ISIS Loses Its Middle East Fight, Some Worry Terrorism Will Look to Other World Cities

Every day, the anti-LGBTQ militant terrorist group ISIS loses territory in the Middle East, but some experts worry that their terror will spread

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Iraqi Model Tortured and Murdered for Being ‘A Beauty King’

Iraqi model Karar Noshi had reportedly received online threats mocking him for being ‘a beauty king’ some time before he was murdered

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Lucian Piane from ‘Drag Race’ Trusts Trump More Than Clinton

Lucian Piane, the music man of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, has stated that he trusts Trump more than Clinton — but what does that even mean? We take a closer look.

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US Court Denies Jamaican Bi Man Asylum — Because He Has Sex With Women

WTF? An US Appeals judge doesn’t seem to know what the world “bisexual” means. That and more maddening news in our monthly look at worldwide queerphobia.

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Irish Muslims Share Meal With LGBTQ Community

During Ramadan, Irish Muslims invited the queer community to dine with them in “an example of true Islamic ideals”. That and more in our look at religion and the LGBTQ community!

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‘A Remarkable Man’: Gay Solider’s Parents Fight Gay Marriage Ban

In an incredibly moving display of support, the parents of dead solider Andrew Wilfahrt are standing up for complete civil rights for the gay community in America. Andrew Wilfahrt died in Afghanistan at the age of 31 and is believed to be the first gay US solider to die in[…]

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