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Jamaican LGBTQ Activists Successfully Barred This Anti-LGBTQ Pastor From Their Country

Jamaican LGBTQ activists succeeded in getting a hate pastor banned from their country over his hateful remarks against gay people, Jews and women

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Will Jamaica Ban Hate Group Leader Steven Anderson From the Country?

Steven Anderson’s upcoming Jamaica ‘Mission Trip’ might not happen due to a new petition urging Jamaica to bar the hate-group leader from the country

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Jamaican LGBT Activist Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger Found Brutally Stabbed to Death

Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger, a Jamaican LGBT activist, model, fashion designer and music video director, was found dead inside his home on Thursday evening.

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Influential Jamaican Promoter Wants Disney Banned Over its Same-Sex Kiss

A popular Jamaican promoter slams Disney’s same-sex kiss as corrupt and ‘unfit for kids’, and his view reflects how most of Jamaica feels, unfortunately

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