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These 8 James Dean Film GIFs Are Practically Meant for Gay and Bi Men

The legendary actor was born 86 years ago today, on Feb. 8, and has left behind three iconic films as well as a noted history of sexual fluidity

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25 Sexy Pics of Bisexual Italian Actor Sal Mineo

Most people know Sal Mineo as James Dean’s gay-encoded sidekick from “Rebel Without a Cause”, but the guy was a hunk in his own right. Come and see…

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Who Killed James Dean’s Bisexual Heartthrob Sal Mineo?

40 years ago today, someone murdered Sal Mineo, a bisexual Italian actor who played a gay character in James Dean’s “Rebel Without a Cause”. But who did it?

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James Dean Was a Victim of Minister Molestation

Why did Elizabeth Taylor’s trademark jet black hairdo grow bigger and bigger as she grew older? Because it was full of secrets. Taylor, who famously kept hand-written diaries throughout her entire life to be published after her death, promised James Dean that she would keep his secrets “forever” after the[…]

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