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You’ll Surely Want to Punch Tucker Carlson in the Face After Watching Him Argue Tacos Are American

This Tucker Carlson taco rant that aired on Fox News last night shows a professional troll in action as he calls them ‘an American food’

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Every Trump Administration Official Has a Different Excuse for the Separation of Migrant Kids From Parents

This administration’s separating kids from parents is a despicable act of cruelty, but the reason for it is different depending on who you ask

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Donald Trump Backtracks on Marijuana, Now Says He’s Fine With State Legalization

The president’s stance has changed, as he now says his administration will let states decide whether to legalize pot

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Chelsea Handler Called Attorney General Jeff Sessions a Bottom, and Gay Twitter Isn’t Having It

In a recent Chelsea Handler Jeff Sessions tweet, the American comedienne called the U.S. Attorney General a bottom and people called the tweet homophobic

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