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Actor Lee Pace Is Now Owning His Queer Identity After Initially Calling It ‘Intrusive’

In his coming out interview, actor Lee Pace called being asked about his sexual orientation ‘intrusive,’ but now he feels differently, which is a good thing

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Lee Pace (Kinda) Comes Out and Sounds Off on the Importance of Gay Actors Playing Gay Roles

In a new interview with W magazine, the American actor comes out but refuses to label himself after admitting that he has dated both men and women

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Lee Pace Joins the Broadway Revival of ‘Angels in America’ as Roy Cohn’s Closeted Law Clerk

Lee Pace takes over the role of Joe Pitt from Russell Tovey for the new Broadway revival of the classic gay play

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Is Your Favorite Male TV Character One Of These 8 Bisexuals?

TV bisexuals just used to come in only two flavors: bad and worse. Now there’s more, in a delicious array of tastes!

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