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Week In Review, Aug. 17, 2018: Wesley Woods Speaks Out, Madonna Gets the LEGO Treatment

In our look at the week’s top stories, we check in with Wesley Woods about his recent gay bashing, and see two tributes to Madonna, in drag and LEGO

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Super-Fan Celebrates Madonna’s Birthday with Lego Minifigures Set Dedicated to the Material Girl

There’s 20 figures in all, including Madonna circa “Like a Prayer,” “Erotica,” “Nothing Really Matters” and “Living for Love.”

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Editors' Picks
A ‘Will & Grace’ LEGO Playset Sounds Rad, As Do These 5 Other Ideas Inspired by Queer TV and Film

Mark Fitzpatrick’s Will & Grace LEGO is pretty cool, but we thought of 5 other playsets inspired by LGBTQ TV and film that we’d love to play with

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This Artist Used Legos and $10,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency, and If You Can Crack His Code, the Money’s Yours

Contemporary artist Andy Bauch just debuted his ‘New Money’ exhibit of cryptocurrency art — and the entire collection has $10,000 hidden inside

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