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News of the World: HIV on the Rise in Russia, International Anti-Gay Purges, Homophobia’s High Price

In our monthly look at news around the world, we see that HIV in Russia is on the rise due to homophobia, anti-gay purges worldwide and more

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Watch These Hotter Than Hell CrossFit Gods Chill in Sub-Zero Temps (Video)

Watch what happened when these studs from Viking CrossFit in Lithuania had to bust through a sheet of ice in sub-zero temps.

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Turkey Bans Pride March — It Happens Anyway

Turkey tried to ban Pride celebrations last month — but with the rise of the hashtag #izinistemedikki, queer Turks told the government “We did not ask for permission.”

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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Kiss In Public

Have you ever wanted to see Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin kiss? Well too bad, because here it is! You’re welcome!

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