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Police Cam Catches Beer-Filled Lawnmower Shopping Cart Train

What is the world coming to when a drunk man can’t even drive a ride-on lawnmower down a county street while towing a parade of shopping carts filled with beer without being arrested? I mean, is this or is this not the United States of America? Enjoy! I know I did. […]

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Anti-gay Reverend Arrested For Masturbating In Front Of Children

Reverend Grant Storms, a Christian-fundamentalist preacher famous for aggressively protesting during New Orleans’ Gay Pride event, called Southern Decadence, was arrested on Friday for masturbating while watching children in a public park in Metairie, Louisiana. Storms, 54, told Jerfferson Parish police that he was using a bottle instead of the […]

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Louisiana Vs. Anal Sex

Despite 2003’s Lawrence v. Texas striking down laws banning gay sex practically everywhere, Louisiana still has an archaic law “Crime Against Nature” law on the books that lumps oral and anal sex between consenting adults right in with bestiality. The 200 year old law is being challenged by a group of […]