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Op-Ed: Instagram Killed the Porno Star, So What Does the Future of Gay Porn Look Like?

 Will the industry’s future see a slow submergence of those already sinking ships that have kept the business afloat, the studios?

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The Daily Sting, Monday: Trans Boxer Makes History, a Porn Legend Retires, More ‘Stranger Things’

We see history made by a trans boxer, a porn legend announces his retirement and we get a teaser for new ‘Stranger Things’ episodes

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Lucas Entertainment Under Fire for Tone Deaf Title of New Film Starring Black Actors

Lucas Entertainment just released a film entitled, Black Cocks Matter, a tone deaf reference to Black Lives Matter — and the film’s black stars had no idea

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What Will Be the Legacy of OnlyFans, the Web’s Populist Platform for Porn Consumption?

Two years after launching we examine the effects of OnlyFans on the gay porn industry, and on a population of users now able to capitalize on their bodies

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Gay Porn Star Tom Faulk Accuses Michael Lucas of Illegal On-Set Drug Use

Gay porn star Tom Faulk opens up with our friends over at ‘Str8UpGayPorn’ and there are three parts (two that include Michael Lucas) that are bonkers.

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After Just 6 Weeks, Porn Star Fiancés Logan Moore and Josh Moore Have Broken Up

Porn star couple Logan Moore and Josh Moore have broken up after announcing their engagement only six weeks ago on social media

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Gay Porn Mogul Michael Lucas Calls All Muslims ‘Barbarians’

Gay porn empresario Michael Lucas, CEO of the bareback studio Lucas Entertainment, recently called all Muslims “barbarians” on a conservative radio show.

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WATCH: Porn Studio Sued For Making Filthy Poo Mess In Historic Mansion

Michael Lucas, founder of the gay porn studio Lucas Entertainment, is accused of fraudulently using a mansion to shoot raunchy porn, and it gets worse…

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“Trust Him?”: Why Are the Images Debating PrEP Use So Consistently Shitty?

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s print ads have used slut-shaming and fear to depict Truvada and PrEP as a deceptive ‘party drug.’ Why did they bother?

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