MyFemmeSelf is an Opportunity to Combat Toxic Masculinity and Create Safe Digital Spaces

Hornet is proud to launch the MyFemmeSelf campaign. An initiative to affirm and celebrate all kinds of gender expressions. Identifying as LGBTQ isn’t always easy. Globally, masculinity and all sorts of masculine traits are prized, while femininity is rejected. It’s a sentiment pervasive in gay media, porn and in online gay spaces — like the language used on gay apps. Statements like “no fems,” “no queens” or “masc4masc” don’t reflect a “preference” — they demonstrate ignorance, sexism and homophobia. Racial stereotypes, machismo, sexism and heteronormativity instigate these forms of discrimination. MyFemmeSelf is an opportunity to combat toxic masculinity and create a digital space where everyone can feel empowered to explore who they are and freely express themselves. #MyFemmeSelf will be an ongoing campaign by Hornet including stories, interviews and profiles reflecting the message of inclusivity and acceptance.

Make sure you use the hashtag #MyFemmeSelf on your Hornet profile and on social media.

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