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5 Ridiculously Conservative Causes Supported by Coachella Co-Owner Phil Anschutz

The festival may be inclusive, but Coachella co-owner Phil Anschutz donates to a number of conservative, anti-gay causes

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Coachella Funds Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups More Recently Than Previously Reported

New evidence shows Coachella’s owner Phil Anschutz donated to anti-LGBTQ groups two years later than previously reported.

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Coachella Owner Says He Has Stopped Funding Anti-LGBTQ Groups, But …

Coachella’s owner Phil Anschutz has donated $190,000 to anti-LGBTQ groups, but he says those donations have stopped. Have they?

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Coachella, Your Favorite Outdoor Music Festival, Funds Anti-LGBT Hate Groups

Everybody’s excited for Coachella, but unfortunately its rich owner, Phil Anschutz, gives tons of money to anti-LGBT hate groups

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