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Queer People Rioted in 1959, a Decade Before Stonewall, at L.A.’s Cooper’s Do-Nuts

While many of us think of Stonewall as the first major fight for LGBTQ rights, there were predecessors, like the Cooper’s Do-Nuts Riot 10 years before

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Police Raid at a Shanghai Circuit Party Draws Attention to Chinese Policies of Anti-Gay Harassment

A recent Shanghai circuit party raid, during which partiers attending Heaven were forced to undergo drug testing, has drawn attention to anti-gay policies.

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Canada’s Gay Serial Killer Bruce McArthur Has Pleaded Guilty to Murdering 8 Toronto Men

Bruce McArthur, 67, pleaded guilty this morning to murdering eight men over a seven-year period

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The Daily Sting, Monday: Trans Child Registry Proposed in UK, India Could Be Getting PrEP’d

An article calling for a trans registry to “further study the community” was published in the UK, and a new Ariana track has many people talking

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