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Were You Aware All These LGBTQ+ Pride Flags Existed?

Gynephilia? Skoliosexual? Lithromantic? Here’s 20 or more Pride flags you’ve never seen at your local parade or bar (and who they represent).

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This Photo Shoot Ezra Miller Did for ‘Playboy’ Could Be the Sexiest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

The recent photo shoot and interview for ‘Playboy’ has blown our minds with its sexy, subversive and totally queer images

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Here’s Why 93% of Young Gay Men Say They Want a Monogamous Relationship

A newly conducted open relationship survey shows that younger gay men prefer monogamy, but a closer look at other studies reveals ignorance may be why

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Style & Stuff
Nico Tortorella Got Married Over the Weekend, and He Walked Down the Aisle in a White Dress

Sexually fluid actor Nico Tortorella got married over the weekend to his longtime partner Bethany Meyers, a fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur

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