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The Last Crowdfunding Platform for White Supremacists May Have Just Shut Down

Until recently, white supremacists only had one platform for crowdfunding themselves, but with the apparent MakerSupport shutdown, they’re out of luck

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Facebook to White Supremacist Richard Spencer: ‘Kick Rocks, Nazi Boy’

Two Richard Spencer Facebook pages are no more after Mark Zuckerberg told Congress his company ‘does not allow hate groups’

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Major Crowdfunding Sites Are Banning the Alt-Right From Profiting Off Hate

Crowdfunding for the alt-right has hit a major snag as far-right personalities find themselves banned from GoFundMe, Patreon, PayPal and others

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White Nationalist Richard Spencer Got Pulled from a Cab and Glitter Bombed Last Weekend

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer got dragged out of a cab and glitter bombed by Antifa protesters at an anti-war demonstration this past weekend

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Hey, Media, Please Stop Drooling Over ‘Well-Dressed’ White Supremacists

We don’t know why journalists and writers keep gushing about how “dapper” and “well-dressed” white supremacists are, but we wish they would stop

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Gay, Jewish Musical Uncle Knocks Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Over ‘Cabaret’ Tweet

CNN contributor Jason Kander delivered a blow to neo-Nazi punch-absorber Richard Spencer’s ego on Twitter over the musical ‘Cabaret’

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Depeche Mode Wants Nothing to Do with ‘Lifelong Fan’ and Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer declared ’80s electronic pop group Depeche Mode the official band of the alt-right. But the band thinks he’s garbage.

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