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The Final Episode of ‘Dinosaurs’ Is Still the Saddest, Most Poignant Finale in TV History

ABC’s ‘Dinosaurs’ went out with a bang in 1994, as the entire cast perished in an environmental disaster brought on by a money-hungry corporation

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Sing Along With the Trailer for Mindy Kaling’s New Show About a Gay, Musical Theater-Loving Teen

Mindy Kaling just dropped the ‘Champions’ trailer, our first look at her new show about being a single mother raising a gay, musical theater-loving son

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This Hour-Long Supercut Shows How Homophobic ‘Friends’ Could Be

Was the hit ’90s comedy Friends homophobic? Tijana Mamula made a 51-minute supercut of every homophobic joke from the series

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Megan Mullally All But Guarantees 10 New Episodes of ‘Will & Grace’

The beloved gay sitcom Will & Grace is going to be coming back for a 10-episode run. We know because party girl Karen Walker just said so.

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