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Social Media Is Commending This TV Star Who Got a Testicular Check Live On Air, As It Should Be

When ‘Love Island’ star Chris Hughes opened his robe on morning television for a live testicular cancer exam, social media went wild

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Despite His Junk Popping Out for All to See, This Marathon Runner Finishes the Race (NSFW)

A marathon runner’s penis made a surprise appearance during Europe’s oldest marathon, and we’ve got video of it in all its jiggling glory

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This Sexy Nude Model Introduces Us to the World’s First ‘Ball Dryer’

In a new clip, Conan O’Brien introduces us to the world’s first “ball dryer.” To show it off, O’Brien got a very sexy male model to demonstrate.

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This Company Wants to Freeze Your Testicles to Make Them Prettier

A British company called Cryotherapy UK is freezing its customers’ testicles in order to make them look younger and prettier

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