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A New Madonna Music Video Has Sparked Serious Drag Industry Drama

The big conversation taking place among drag queens right now can all be traced back to a new Madonna music video

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Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor on Her Transition Into Recording Artist and Perfecting the Tuck

Hornet caught up with this queen to chat about her path to the crown, an upcoming album and what constitutes the perfect tuck

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Trinity Taylor’s ‘Str8 Guy Challenge’ May Sound Hilarious, But It’s Playing a Dangerous Game

Trinity Taylor’s Str8 Guy Challenge, where his fans show straight guys a sexy picture of him, might seem funny at first, but plays into harmful transphobia

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Hornet Exclusive: The Best Moments From ManDragOra Fest, Latin America’s First-Ever Drag Convention

The first-ever Latin America drag convention, ManDragOra Fest, was a huge success, and you can relive its best moments via these photos

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