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World War II News and Stories

The Unreal Story of Claude Cahun, the Lesbian Photographer Who Fought Off the Nazis

The story of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore sounds nearly improbable: two Jewish stepsisters-slash-lovers who lived as old ladies and wrote anti-Nazi propaganda!

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The Nazi Regime Set the Trans Rights Movement Back Decades. Here’s How.

One victim of the Nazi regime that you probably didn’t hear about in history class was the transgender healthcare movement

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Homosexuals are Not Cowards: How Openly Gay Artist Willem Arondeus Fought the Nazis

He was a courageous, openly gay Dutch painter who fiercely resisted the Nazis in Holland before he was executed

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Editors' Picks
This Scientist Brilliantly Argues That America’s DACA Showdown Is ‘Japanese Internment 2.0’

Japanese internment is a dark stain on U.S. history, and this scientist argues the DACA showdown is the same thing all over again

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