This Sunday, Taiwan Will Host One of the World’s Only In-Person Pride Celebrations

This Sunday, Taiwan Will Host One of the World’s Only In-Person Pride Celebrations

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“Taiwan has Pride! Pride enough for everyone!” That’s the sentiment of Taiwan Pride 2020, a Pride celebration that will take place this Sunday, June 28, and which seems to be the only Pride Month event of its kind — an in-person celebration that flies in the face of the current global pandemic, COVID-19.

While in-person Pride events have been canceled nearly worldwide, Taiwan has not had a single local case of Coronavirus in over two months, and is not currently on lockdown. So to celebrate that fact and to march for those who are unable to do so, Taiwan Pride 2020 will move forward as a grassroots, non-commercial Pride event on the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in New York City, in conjunction with the Taiwan Gay Sport Association.

The Taiwan Pride 2020 event will be providing those who march with Pride flags, rainbow masks and signs like the one at the top of this article, which allow people to fill in who, what or where they are marching for. Maybe they’re marching for certain people in their lives; maybe they’re marching for the residents of their hometown, who are unable to march themselves due to the pandemic.

Last weekend, in advance of the big Taiwan Pride 2020 celebration, the event held a White Party event in conjunction with Taiwan’s longest-running monthly gay party, WERK! At both that party and at Sunday’s big event, the Taiwan Gay Sport Association ran a “Mask 4 Mask” campaign that collected donations to send masks to LGBTQ centers all around the world.

Here’s the message from the Taiwan Pride 2020 Facebook event page:

This year, most of the world is unable to celebrate Pride Month with 475 pride events cancelled. But Taiwan is open and free, and this is why we will stand up for the world, and take part in this one-of-a-kind monumental Pride Rally, representing the places and causes that are closest to our hearts!

So bring your banners and your flags and your energy! At the event, we will also provide free Rainbow Posters where you can write down the cities or countries that you are from or the cause that you are rallying for. We will also provide a limited amount of rainbow masks, to show solidarity and love from Taiwan.

Please join this non-commercial grassroots Pride Rally, and stand up for our beloved brothers and sisters all around the world who are still suffering from lock-downs and social distancing, or who cannot march for any reason.

Taiwan has Pride! Pride enough for everyone! Join us!

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Stay tuned to Hornet for some photos from Sunday’s huge Taiwan Pride 2020 event!

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