The Daily Sting, Tuesday: Satanists Sue ‘Sabrina,’ and Did Taron Egerton Come Out or Nah?

The Daily Sting, Tuesday: Satanists Sue ‘Sabrina,’ and Did Taron Egerton Come Out or Nah?

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Tuesday is here, and the web is aflutter with talk of Taron Egerton gay rumors, the Sabrina Netflix show that premiered last Friday and more. Did you binge the show this past weekend?

In other news, a Drag Race alum will be starring in TV’s live musical rendition of Rent, and we’ve got LGBT updates from around the world, including some terrible stories out of Tanzania and Malaysia.

From talk of the new Sabrina Netflix series to Tarn Egerton gay rumors, here are the day’s queerest headlines:

1. Star of Rocketman Taron Egerton Gay Rumors: Did He Come Out or Nah? (Celebrities)

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Cutie. My boy ❤️

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The interwebs are freaking out over an Instagram post by Taron Egerton, who has starred in both Kingsman movies and will play Elton John in the upcoming biopic Rocketman. Namely, fans are wondering whether the handsome film star just came out! The post (above) of an unnamed guy bore the caption “Cutie. My boy” with a heart. Egerton also “liked” a comment that reads “does that mean he’s got a boyfriend now” and responded to a follower asking for the guy’s name with “Nah, he’s mine and mine only.” Gay social media is officially shooketh.

2. New Sabrina Netflix Show Has Pissed Off the Satanic Temple (TV)

The Satanic Temple reportedly doesn’t like how Satan is portrayed in the new Sabrina Netflix series that debuted last Friday — specifically it’s pissed about a statue of Baphomet is a replica of a copyrighted piece of art. The temple has said it will take “aggressive actions to protect our copyright” against Netflix. The Satanic Temple is a religious org that has taken a hardline stance against religious statues on public property (remember, it’s responsible for doing this in Arkansas) and women’s and LGBTQ rights.

3. International LGBT Updates: Malaysia, Czech Republic, Tanzania (News)

Czech Republic Parliament House

Great news out of Czech Republic as tomorrow, Wednesday, the legalization of gay marriage is set to be on parliament’s agenda. The amendment allegedly already has much support, and if it passes, Czech Republic will be the 14th (of 28) EU member nation to have gay marriage. Meanwhile, the governor of a province in Tanzania has launched a horrifying crackdown on LGBT people, giving police one week to round up all gays. That same governor is also recommending that citizens report all gay people to police. And in Malaysia, during a speech yesterday the director of the country’s Department of Islamic Development Malaysia claims nearly 1,500 people have been cured of homosexuality. It’s all part of an effort to get LGBT people on the “right path.”

4. Drag Race Alum Valentina to Star in Live Musical Version of Rent (TV, Drag)

On Jan. 27, 2019, American TV network FOX will air a live rendition of Rent, a rock opera written by Jonathan Larson that is loosely based on La Boheme. Among those who have been announced as part of the show’s cast are Vanessa Hudgens, Tinashe and Drag Race Season 9 veteran Valentina. No word yet on whether Valentina — who will be portraying Angel in the show about young artists struggling in NYC — will be performing while wearing a mask.

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5. The Holiday Must-Have for 2018: The PlayStation Classic (Gaming)

We reported back in September that December would see the latest microconsole hit the market: the PlayStation Classic, which is a miniaturized version of the original ’90s console with 20 games pre-loaded. Well, all 20 games have officially been announced, and there are some winners, to be sure. Among the games available on the PlayStation Classic are Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto. Will you be purchasing one this holiday season?

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What do you think of the Taron Egerton gay rumors? And have you watched the new Sabrina Netflix series?