Here Are 5 Items That Should Be in Every Queer Guy’s Traveling Toiletry Kit

Here Are 5 Items That Should Be in Every Queer Guy’s Traveling Toiletry Kit

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Traveling: lots of fun. The thought of packing before you travel: not so much. For many guys, one of the biggest hassles of leaving home and exploring the world — whether near or far — is the lack of access to your typical grooming routine. You can’t exactly lug along that giant-size shampoo and body wash, and even the toothpaste you use every day at home is in danger of TSA confiscation. One way to combat the ‘travel packing blues’ is to have a travel toiletry kit always at the ready.

We’re talking about a toiletry kit that is never not packed. One that makes packing for your upcoming business trip or long-awaited vacation that much easier. Just make it the last item you throw on top of your suitcase before that final zip-up.

As for what goes inside your new attempt at pre-planning, the essentials (toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, travel-size lube) are obvious. But here are five other items that should be found in every queer guy’s travel toiletry kit, each of which have been tried and tested by our dedicated Hornet staff.

1. The Perfect Dopp Kit

First things first, right? Your dopp kit (a fancier term for that toiletry kit you lug around in your suitcase or duffle) should be stylish but also able to withstand a beating. And, naturally, it should be lightweight, water-resistant and able to hold all of your grooming essentials.

We’re particularly fond of the above “Hanging Travel Kit” by Briggs & Riley ($50 at Nordstrom), which meets all those criteria and then some. This reasonably priced toiletry kit is easy to hang once you arrive at your final destination — in the bathroom or even in the shower — and it rolls up tightly so as not to take up too much room in your luggage, leaving more room for your favorite tees and denim.

2. The Perfect Travel Enema

No one wants digestive issues to get in the way of sightseeing, bar-hopping or pool lounging, and the best way to do that — while also ensuring you’re fresh and prepared for whatever, whenever — is with a portable douche.

In lieu of packing a large bulb enema during your travels, the Fresh Flush portable enema ($20 at has a unique design that fits over the average water bottle. (Also great when potentially inserting contaminated water into your body is a concern.) The Fresh Flush easily fits in your toiletry kit, carry-on or suitcase, allowing you to be perma-prepared wherever your travels take you.

3. The Perfect Nose Hair Trimmer

Nose hairs are a funny thing, because as most guys will confirm, they tend to sneak up on you only when they’re in need of a serious trim. But rather than be on the road without the proper tools for ridding your face of unsightly nostril protrusions, it’s rather easy to throw a nose hair trimmer into your toiletry kit.

Many guys will already have a beard trimmer or other facial hair device that could feasibly handle the job, but no tool is as efficient — and safe! Please put down those scissors! — as a nose hair trimmer. We’re most fond of the Panasonic ER430K (a mere $17 on Amazon), the stainless steel blades of which will do a number on your nose hairs but can just as easily tackle unruly eyebrows and — the source of every aging man’s dread — hair coming out of your ears. It’s also one of the few nose hair trimmers with a built-in vacuum to collect the remnants of your facial grooming. No more mess!

4. The Perfect Facial Mask

Sure, they’re typically marketed to women, but do not be fooled: Guys’ faces are just as in need of heavy duty moisturizing — if not more so — than the fairer sex. And the best way to ensure you’re operating at ‘maximum glow’ while traversing the globe is an easy-to-use, easily portable facial mask. Throw it in your toiletry kit and slather it on before that first night on the town. After a long flight is when your face needs it most.

But with so many masks on the market, how do you choose? Skin is skin, so any facial mask ‘meant for women’ will do the trick, but for a mask that is unisex in design and scent, opt for Aesop’s Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque ($40 at Aesop). Considered the gold standard of facial masks, this one is a clay-based formula that cleanses and refreshes your dermis, perfect for all skin types.

5. The Perfect Dry Shampoo

We can’t talk up dry shampoo enough, despite the fact that most guys still seem to have no clue it exists. (Most guys are also shampooing their hair way too much. Every other day, guys, seriously.) But besides dry shampoo being a relatively simple shortcut for a guy’s grooming regimen, it’s also the perfect item for your travel toiletry kit.

Not only does dry shampoo do the exact same thing as the liquid stuff, it also offers a few added benefits. It’ll take the shine out of your hair (a must, especially after a long-haul business flight when you’re heading straight to dinner and drinks) and also render your hair pliable and ready to style. You may even be able to skip the hair product altogether, which sounds to us like a win-win. We’re fans of the above Hair Dust ($22 at Empire Apothecary), which has a nice, neutral scent and is totally organic.

What do you pack in your travel toiletry kit? Is there a travel product you can’t live without?

This story was sponsored by Fresh Flush Co.

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