You’ll Look Naked Before You Get Naked While Wearing Tom Ford’s Underwear Line
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You’ll Look Naked Before You Get Naked While Wearing Tom Ford’s Underwear Line

Written by Stephan Horbelt on March 14, 2019
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Tom Ford, undoubtedly one of the sexiest men alive, doesn’t actually wear underwear (more on that in a bit), but that doesn’t mean he’s unaware of what makes a pair of underwear great. In fact, he’s already done the heavy lifting by gearing up to mass-produce some of the best undies in existence. That’s right, you guys — Tom Ford underwear is officially a thing.

It was at New York Fashion Week that the full line of Tom Ford underwear made its debut. And the underwear line’s swanky namesake went all out with more than 40 iterations.

tom ford underwear

Tom Ford underwear comes in four basic styles — briefs, trunks, short boxers and classic boxers — and comes in stretch jersey, cotton and silk … which all sounds normal enough, right?

But this is Tom Ford.

“When you take off your pants, you want it to be kind of a great moment — which of course it will be when you take off your underwear,” Ford told GQ. “But before you get to that point, why wouldn’t you want silver metallic underwear? Or zebra? or leopard? Or something a little crazier?”

tom ford underwear 3

“Something a little crazier” is exactly what Ford gave to guys, in the form of animal print patterns (zebra and leopard among them), metallic fabrics and — most exciting of all — a series of nude hues that match a wide range of skin tones.

So, yeah, you’ll look naked before you even get naked, and we love the sound of that.

And, every piece of Tom Ford underwear also comes with a velvet waistband for the ultimate comfort.

tom ford underwear 2

As for Tom Ford’s personal antipathy to wearing underwear, not only is the famed fashion designer renowned for “going commando,” but he spoke to GQ about a particularly embarrassing (though we’d call it exciting) public snafu.

“I went to a restaurant the other day, and I was having lunch. I felt a little bit of cold on my butt. I reached around, and my pants had ripped all the way from my waist completely to the bottom of my butt,” Ford says. “I was sitting there with my butt hanging out at a restaurant. So anyways, I need to order myself some clothes.”

May we suggest some new Tom Ford underwear?

Tom Ford underwear is available at

This story was originally published on October 22, 2018

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