The Daily Sting, Monday: Trans Child Registry Proposed in UK, India Could Be Getting PrEP’d

The Daily Sting, Monday: Trans Child Registry Proposed in UK, India Could Be Getting PrEP’d

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It’s a brand-new week, and to get things started with a bang, here’s our look at the day’s biggest queer headlines. Let’s start with Monday’s most bonkers story, in which an article was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine calling for a trans registry to “further study the community.” Not quite as bonkers, over the weekend we were treated to a new Ariana Grande track called “Thank U, Next.”

Plus, Israeli LGBTQ rights groups aren’t happy with the country’s new police chief, India could finally be getting the once-a-day HIV prevention pill PrEP, and a contestant on X-Factor Malta claims to be an “ex-gay” after he found Jesus.

From a bonkers trans registry to a new Ariana Grande bop, here are the day’s queerest headlines:

1. A Trans Registry Has Been Proposed in the UK, and Parents Are Pissed (News)

An article titled “Evidence for a Change in the Sex Ratio of Children Referred for Gender Dysphoria: Data From the Gender Identity Development Service in London (2000–2017)” published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests the creation of an international trans registry that would keep track of trans children worldwide — an idea that has trans activists appalled. One contributor to the article, Dr. Kenneth Zucker, is criticized among children’s health circles for antiquated views on gender identity. One parent responded to the article on social media by saying, “No one is putting my child on an international register.” Read the full story by Gay Star News here.

2. X-Factor Malta Contestant Claims to Be ‘Ex-Gay’ Born Again Christian (TV, Music)

A contestant on the musical reality competition show named Matthew Grech has raised controversy in Malta after he used his pre-audition interview time to discuss the fact that he formerly led a “homosexual lifestyle” before he “found God.” He calls anything more than “friendship love” between two men or two women a sin. After the episode of X-Factor Malta aired, the government released a statement condemning any homophobic comments therein, pointing out that Grech’s views could damage youths who are vulnerable to conversion therapy. Grech has since demanded an apology from the government and local organization Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement.

3. Israeli LGBTQ Orgs Aren’t Happy With Naming of New Police Chief (News)

Queer rights organizations in Israel are opposing the nomination late last week of Moshe Edri as the next Israel Police Commissioner. Their furor dates back to 2015, when an ultra-Orthodox extremist stabbed a 16-year-old to death and wounded five others during the Jerusalem Pride march (after being jailed for a similar attack at 2005 Pride). Edri was reprimanded following the attack for not heeding intelligence indicating the attack was imminent. “The number one police officer must serve as a personal example,” says Eran Globus, head of gay rights group Jerusalem Open House. “The failure of the police at the march, under Edri’s responsibility, is a deep stain on the appointment.”

4. India Could Be Getting PrEP to Help Combat Its High Rates of HIV (Health, World)

Right now it’s estimated there are fewer than 700 people on PrEP in India, which currently has the world’s third highest rate of new HIV cases. But that could change, as PrEP — the once-a-day HIV prevention pill — could be making its way to the Indian populations who need it most, namely men who have sex with men and the trans community. India’s National AIDS Control Organisation has indicated it considers introducing PrEP into the population a priority. Read more here.

5. New Ariana Grande Track Could Be the Ultimate Breakup Bop (Music)

It’s called “Thank U, Next” and it was released Saturday night a mere half-hour before Ariana Grande‘s ex, Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson, was to be on TV in the States. A veritable rundown of the pop star’s love life, she calls out her exes by name on the track. The new Ariana Grande track had some queer fans super excited for a minute, thanks to an error in the song’s lyrics on an Apple Music page. The error made it appear Grande was newly queer herself. Read about the mixup here.

How nuts is the idea of a trans registry? And what do you think of the new Ariana Grande track?

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