5 Simple Hacks for Staying Healthy While You Travel

5 Simple Hacks for Staying Healthy While You Travel

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Falling ill on a getaway — whether for work or pleasure — is the pits. Getting sick is never fun, but even more so when you’re meant to be galavanting around Europe or have a ton to get accomplished during an all-day work session. So save the wheezing and sneezing for the comfort of your own bed (but preferably never) with these healthy travel hacks.

Here are 5 simple travel hacks to avoid getting sick while you’re abroad:

1. Your immunity is important!

Boost your immunity and proactively protect your health while on public transportation. Up your Vitamin C intake before departure, carry a water bottle to stay hydrated and use hand sanitizer to reduce the amount of germs to which you’re exposed from tray tables, door handles and bathroom facilities.

Also, bring your own relaxation essentials — like pillows, small blankets and eye masks — to avoid carrier-issued items that may be previously used and thus unsanitary.

2. Watch what you eat.

Skip the sugar and choose snacks of substance instead. While there are plenty of opportunities to indulge while you’re away from home, keep your diet in check (at least while you’re en route). Stuff your carry-on with healthy snacks like almonds, protein-packed granola bars, beef jerky and other munchies that travel well and will help you feel fuller longer.

3. Watch what you drink, too.

Limit alcohol consumption and defend your immune system against its dehydrating effects.

If you’re going to drink on the plane, California-licensed MD and nutrition expert Dr. Carolyn Dean recommends taking B1, B3 and B5 supplements pre-flight, and magnesium during the flight to support the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme that breaks booze down and eliminates it from the body.

4. It’s important to stay active.

Find time to exercise, even if it’s quick. Staying active will help you avoid that recreational rut that leads to feeling run down. To stay on track, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert Adam Friedman suggests taking the stairs whenever possible and doing body-weight exercises — pushups, wall sits, squats and lunges — right in your room.

Some hotels are making it easier to stick to your regimen, too. In addition to $5-a-day workout clothing and shoe rentals if you forgot to pack your own gear, Westin Hotels provide “Running Concierges” at select locations who lead groups and advise guests on the best places to jog around town. All Kimpton Hotels provide Gaiam yoga mats and a yoga channel in every room.

5. You’re gonna have to sleep.

Remember, you still need your ZZZs. Getting proper shuteye on the go is a feat unto itself, but a good night’s sleep is essential to keeping immunity at peak performance.

“When choosing a hotel, get a room away from the elevator or ice machine, and make sure the window shades work properly,” says Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg, a board-certified sleep medicine physician and author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day. “Avoid bright light within a few hours of falling asleep at your destination,” he adds. “Bright light will hinder your ability to fall asleep; however, exposure to bright light in the morning at your destination will help to facilitate sleep at night.”

Have any healthy travel hacks of your own? Let us know!

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