Thanks to This Florida Mother, the Man Who Drugged and Raped Her 16-Year-Old Son Is in Custody

Thanks to This Florida Mother, the Man Who Drugged and Raped Her 16-Year-Old Son Is in Custody

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Florida man Victor Williams is sitting in jail thanks to a mother who tricked him into confessing to raping her son. According to reports, a 16-year-old boy snuck out to meet an “older guy” — that’d be Williams — but when he came back he told his mother he thought he’d been drugged and raped. She then confronted Williams, who confessed, and she turned him over to the cops.

Last Monday night the 16-year-old boy victimized by Victor Williams snuck out to meet up with him, and the following morning his mother found her son passed out on their doorstep. He was bruised and bleeding and “very out out it.” According to the police report, he was slurring his words and couldn’t stand on his own.

This is when the victim told his mother “I think I was raped,” though clarified that he didn’t want to go to the hospital. His mother agreed not to take him to the hospital if he could tell her where Victor Williams’ house was. She tracked down a phone number for him, and called him. Williams told the mother that he thought the teen was 18 years old.

After a conversation, she told Williams that she wouldn’t contact the police if Williams said whether or not he and the victim had had sex. Williams said they had, though the mother (thankfully) didn’t keep up her end of the bargain.

Victor Williams, mugshot courtesy of Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

Williams was arrested on Thursday and has been charged with sexual battery of a minor and providing drugs and alcohol to a minor after he gave the boy a Xanax, a margarita and an unidentified orange pill.

This is not Victor Williams’ first arrest for sex with a minor. In 2017 he was arrested in a pedophile sting. At that time Williams was charged with the use of a computer to solicit a child, travel to lure a child and the use of a two-way communication device to commit a felony. Williams was out on bond after that arrest when he was accused of raping the teen.

Williams was previously a social services contractor. Deputies are now investigating if he abused any of the children he worked with.

Victor Williams is currently in jail awaiting trial.

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