Lil Phag and Kathy Griffin Convinced an Oklahoma School Not to Ban Rainbow Clothing

Lil Phag and Kathy Griffin Convinced an Oklahoma School Not to Ban Rainbow Clothing

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Have you ever “pwned” someone so hard they deleted their Twitter account? Have you ever “pwned” a school that hard? Well, Lil Phag and Kathy Griffin can add that to their lists of accomplishments. When Lil Phag found out the Wyandotte Public School, an Oklahoma high school, banned rainbow and pride-related clothing, he took to Twitter — and Kathy Griffin soon joined in. Soon, the policy was removed — as was the school’s Twitter account.

This Monday, Elijah Daniel, also known as the rapper Lil Phag tweeted about the clothing ban. He wrote: “I have a few fans who attend your school who are telling me that you have banned your students from wearing any rainbow or pride clothing. Are rainbows evil now? And aren’t you a public school, which would mean you’re technically discriminating, right?”

The school replied in a hilariously misspelled tweet denying the ban:

The response to Lil Phag from the Wyandotte Public School

In addition to denying the ban, the school also denied it was the right Wyandotte Public School. But Lil Phag’s fans had the receipts. Michael Owens posted a screenshot of the Wyandotte Public School’s handbook:

As for the claims that Lil Phag had the wrong Wyandotte school, those are easily debunked too. While there is a Wyandotte Public Schools district in Michigan, Google shows the @WyandottePS account as belonging to the Oklahoma school:

The 5th result when you Google “Wyandotte Public School”

When it was revealed that this wasn’t a case of mistaken identity, Kathy Griffin joined the fray. She posted “Shall we begin the old-fashioned telephone campaign? What’s the number of the school? What’s the name of the principal? My mom has some free time and she is NOT above drunk dialing.” Lil Phag responded with the phone numbers of the principal’s office for the school and the superintendent’s office for the district.

Apparently after 900 phone calls, the school saw the error of its ways and adjusted the student handbook. And, we’re not sure if it’s shade or coincidence, but the Wyandotte Public Schools in Michigan currently have an “#all=all” banner on their homepage.

Have you heard of a school banning LGBTQ-related clothes like Wyandotte Public School?

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