Our 10 Favorite World Cup Jerseys From This Year’s Colorful Lineup

Our 10 Favorite World Cup Jerseys From This Year’s Colorful Lineup

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Most of the teams playing in this weekend’s ultimate soccer tournament will wear special World Cup jerseys (or “World Cup kits,” as the Brits like to say).

Most teams have two differently colored versions of their kit, their “home kit” and their “away kit,” to switch out if their colors are too similar to the opposing team’s. After all, they don’t want to confuse their teammates, referees or the viewers at home.

We’ve taken a look at all of this year’s World Cup jerseys (or World Cup kits) and consider these to be the 10 most stylish.

Here are our 10 favorite World Cup kits, in no particular order:

1. Panama

The geometric design really accentuates the pecs, and the dual-color stretch sleeves are a nice touch.

2. Belgium

The “Red Devils” will feature the country’s crest with argyle-type gold diamonds across the breast. Stylin’.

3. Sweden

The subtle but shiny blue stripes on this classic jersey seem ribbed for our pleasure.

4. Switzerland

The unique pattern is said to resemble the country’s mountainous regions.

5. Nigeria

Nigeria comes out alive and kicking with a bold and energetic choice.

6. Iceland

The white, blue and red design is supposed to mimic the ice, water, fire and geysers of the island nation.

7. Uruguay

The sun design on the front is actually a nod to the country’s celebrated artist Carlos Páez Vilaró and the Sol de Atlántida monument erected in his honor. Vilaró died in 2014.

8. Saudi Arabia

The simple and elegant emerald green of this World Cup kit is the same shade as the national flag, a beautiful hue.

9. Russia

The unusual square pattern of Russia’s World Cup jerseys is an abstract tribute to the country’s architecture and its industrial cities — arty but in an industrial collectivist sort of way.

10. Japan

Not content to go with plain color World Cup jerseys, Japan incorporated a white threading reminiscent of the Sashiko handmade stitching that’s renowned among the nation’s stylish set.

Of these World Cup jerseys, which do you think are most stylish? Sound off in the comments!

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