Alt-Right Bro Gets Mocked for Inability to Rip Rainbow-Colored Anti-Fascism Sign (Video)

Alt-Right Bro Gets Mocked for Inability to Rip Rainbow-Colored Anti-Fascism Sign (Video)

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There’s nothing we like to see more than a hilarious alt-right fail. And Seattle’s May Day protests brought video of the failiest fail that ever failed. Luke James Mahler, a man wearing a Patriot Prayer shirt, goes up against his long-time nemesis: a plastic protest sign. Unfortunately for Mahler, the odds were not in his favor as the anti-fascist sign won the fight. The audience mocking him just add to the humiliation.

Watch this alt-right fail where a man is thwarted by an anti-fascist sign:

During Seattle’s May Day protests, there were a number of anti-fascist signs around. The sign that aroused this man’s ire read “NO!” in the colors of the Philadelphia rainbow flag, followed by “In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America.”

The sign is capped with a reference to, a national organization critical of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. (After the video went viral, the poster appeared in their shop as the “Virtually Indestructible Pride Poster,” advertised with a screencap from the video above.)

And as we can see in the video, the poster is “virtually indestructible” — at least in this guy’s hands.

During the video he repeatedly folds it in half before attempting to rip it in two. As he’s being mocked by the camerapeople who helpfully point out that the lid comes off of the trash can he was attempting to fit the sign into.

Having failed, he ends up folding the sign in half and taking it with him.

Luke James Mahler’s Bizarre Backstory

Luke James Mahler, the failed ripper of an anti-fascist sign

Now this video would be hilarious enough as-is. But trust us, it gets better. Shorty after the video was posted by Nate Gowdy, the man in the video reached out to correct some things. Gowdy posted an update to the Facebook version of the video, describing his conversation.

The man in the video is Luke James Mahler. He says that he’s neither a Proud Boy (in response to the mocking heard in the video), nor a member of Patriot Prayer, despite wearing the shirt. Gowdy pasted their entire conversation in the post, which is worth a read, but some highlights include Mahler explaining that he’s a member of Club USA, rather than the Proud Boys or Patriot Prayer.

What’s Club USA? Mahler says, “Club USA is an organization that I started that belies that we can have a difference of opinion without division.” (Uh-huh. Ripping up Pride flag signs is all about unity, see?) He also clarifies that he founded Club USA this year and that “there is not much difference” between his group and Patriot Prayer.

He also says he was wearing the Patriot Prayer shirt to “piss off Joey,” referring to Joey Gibson, founder of Patriot Prayer.

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Gowdy attempted to find out why Mahler wearing Gibson’s shirt would piss him off, but Mahler shrugged it off, saying “I don’t have time for to explain shit. Let’s just say I made shit real personal with him. And i mean ‘real.’” However, Mahler assures Gowdy that Gibson’s “reaction was PRICELESSS.”

Luke James Mahler eventually forwarded Gowdy a link that explains the situation: It appears that Mahler is upset that Gibson didn’t reimburse Mahler’s friend John Beavers $450 for a plane ticket and taxi during a trip to New York.

However, according to the article, “Mahler has a long history of dramatic virtual fall-outs with [Patriot Prayer] members.” Mahler’s interactions with Patriot Prayer eventually led to a high-ranking member threatening to “tear [Mahler] to pieces or I’m going to fucking barbecue [Mahler] and eat [him] alive” on one of Mahler’s Facebook livestreams.

In the conversation, Mahler also told Gowdy he was contacting national news and exposing your hate against a man with disabilities, dumb fuck!!!” after claiming to be autistic and having ADHD. He said Gowdy would be exposed with headlines like “Leftist Seattle thugs harass disabled patriot.” (So far, no articles with that headline have surfaced.)

What’s your favorite alt-right fail? What’s the best anti-fascist sign you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments!

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