There Was a Vote, and These Are the 17 Most Annoying Things People Do on Airplanes

There Was a Vote, and These Are the 17 Most Annoying Things People Do on Airplanes

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It’s holiday season, which means many of us already have or will soon head to another part of the globe, looking to celebrate the end of one year and the coming of another with family and friends. Of course, first you have to survive the flight. Taking to the sky wouldn’t be so grueling if it weren’t for the annoying airplane behavior of fellow passengers. But which annoying behavior sets you of the most?

One company has actually set out to determine which acts of annoying airplane behavior are the most despicable, and it did so by surveying 2,000 Americans on what they consider the worst offenses when it comes to flying.

In addition to its official ranked list of the most annoying airplane behavior (which you’ll find below), we also learned a few other things about people’s travel habits. For instance, did you know that three hours is the average amount of time before people get uncomfortable on a flight? Or that three out of four people say they’re able to sleep on a flight? (Though 34% of those people say they need either a drink or a pill to do so.)

More than a third of travelers think reclining seats should be banned altogether!

And while one-third (33%) of people view flying as a way to meet someone new, more than half of travelers (57%) don’t like talking to the stranger sitting next to them.

Oh, and when it comes to getting “naughty” mid-air, only 12% of people say they’ve “been intimate” on a flight, while 23% say they’ve witnessed someone getting freaky in the air.

We’re willing to bet that most of the acts on this list of annoying airplane behavior may not surprise you, but hey, we’ll never be surprised at the odd things that tend to piss people off.

Here’s a ranked list of annoying airplane behavior, according to Genfare’s survey:

1. Getting seat kicked: 54%

2. Crying baby/child: 27%

3. Body odor: 26%

4. Talkative passneger: 23%

5. Inattentive parents: 21%

6. Drunk passenger: 18%

7. Seat pulled back or leaned on: 17%

8. Snoring: 15%

9. Rushing to get off plane: 15%

10. Reclining seat: 15%

11. Putting feet up: 13%

12. Smelly food: 11%

13. Man-spreading: 7%

14. Passenger removing shoes or socks: 6%

15. Bright screens on phones: 3%

16. Non-service dogs: 2%

17. Dressing sloppy: 1%

What do you think of this list of annoying airplane behavior? Are you guilty of any of these?

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