Stories by Daniel Villarreal

There’s Even More to the Saga of Straight Men Refusing to Wipe Their Butts Because They Think It’s Too Gay

We just heard a hilariously disgusting tale about a woman whose husband is so afraid of being gay that he’s against wiping butts, particularly his own

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Let’s Examine the Phenomenon of Gays Cruising Bathrooms Through 4 Famous Men

Cruising public restrooms has long been a part of gay hookup culture, and these men help illustrate its dangers and delights

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Gods, Dildos & Penis Pottery: A Visual History of Phallic Sculptures Throughout History

Art history is filled with many instances of penis sculpture. We’ve chosen six of the most prominent examples to show how dicks have changed over time

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This Couple Tried to Create an All-Gay, Hate-Free City in Nevada

In the 1980s, a man named Fred Schoonmaker dreamed of establishing Stonewall Park, an all-gay city where LGBTQ folks could live free without homophobia

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