Author: John Lannoye

5 Things That Happen to Your Body After a Breakup

According to scientific research, a breakup is considered one of life’s most stressful events, with emotional and physical effects

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Editors' Picks
6 Tips for Initiating a Hookup Without Sounding Like a Creep

Does figuring out how to initiate a hookup seem overwhelming? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone

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Mental Health
5 Ways to Improve the Relationship You Have With Your Smartphone

Nearly 80% of all Americans own some type of smart device, but are you too connected?

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Mental Health
Relationship Red Flags: 5 Indicators the Guy You’re Dating Is Horribly Codependent

In the context of romantic relationships, codependency is the dynamic wherein he relies on you to meet all of his self-esteem needs

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Style & Stuff
Follow Madonna’s Advice: Rejuvenate and Shed Years Off Your Behind With a Butt Mask

Using a facial mask on your butt is a skincare secret that really works, and you’ve been missing out all this time

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Viagra Could Be the Latest Weapon in the War Against Cancer

New research suggests certain types of erectile dysfunction medications may help treat cancer — could a Viagra cancer treatment be not far away?

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Colton Haynes Has Been Bumped to Series Regular on the Seventh Season of ‘Arrow’

Fans are rejoicing following news that the openly gay actor will be returning as a regular on the show’s upcoming season

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