Three Gay Performers Are Accusing This Adult Film Studio Owner of Sexual Misconduct

Three Gay Performers Are Accusing This Adult Film Studio Owner of Sexual Misconduct

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Since April 12, three porn performers have come forward to accuse Bryan Schwandt (pictured at center above), the owner of BoyCrush studios, of rape, coercion and harassment. All three performers claim that Schwandt required them to fulfill sexual favors in order to continue their employment. Schwandt has admitted to sleeping with at least one of his accusers, though he denies all accusations of rape.

The gay porn gossip site Str8UpGayPorn (link NSFW) reports that three gay porn performers — Kadence Pinder, Ethan Steele and Justin Stone — all accused Schwandt of sexual misconduct to varying degrees.

Yesterday porn performer Justin Stone published a video (below) in which he says Schwandt gave him edibles. “I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move after about 30 minutes,” he says, and he claims Schwandt forced Stone to perform oral sex on him and filmed it.

Stone also claims Schwandt coerced him into doing whatever he said in order to continue to work with the studio.

“This has been going on for years and no one has stopped it,” he says. “No one does anything because we’re porn stars.”

Str8UpGayPorn reached out to Schwandt for a response, though he hasn’t yet responded.

In April a performer named Ethan Steele said Schwandt discontinued Steele’s employment with BoyCrush when the performer “told him I was no longer doing sexual favors for him.” Schwandt replied by saying Steele’s claims were “just a joke” and likely written by the rival porn studio where Steele now works.

In September 2017 a trans woman named Kadence Pinder made a video claiming Schwandt invited her over for an audition before she began her transition. Pinder says Schwandt asked her to pose in his bed and, when she showed him her backside, she alleges he began “putting his American sausage inside of my English McMuffin, if you know what I’m saying.”

Kadence Pinder

“I was not expecting that. I had not signed up for that. I had no idea that I would have to sleep with the guy who owned this porn company,” she says.

Pinder says she was “young,” “stupid” and “immature” and that she just went along with what she thought she was expected to do. She realized he was filming the sex, even though she hadn’t consented or signed any contracts or paperwork. She also claims he ejaculated inside of her without a condom.

Bryan Schwandt admitted to Str8UpGayPorn that he slept with Pinder: “I shouldn’t have slept with him [sic], but that’s all I did wrong,” and adds, “There are things in his story that are half true or full on lies.” Schwandt has said the sex was consensual, though he adds, “It wasn’t very professional of me.” He also says he later deleted the recording he made of the encounter.

Granted, this is merely the latest recent accusation of sexual misconduct in the gay porn industry. Earlier this year several men accused gay porn star Topher DiMaggio of sexual assault and rape, including one accuser who gave his story exclusively to us at Hornet.

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It’s also worth mentioning that April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Hornet collaborated with Planned Parenthood and the Los Angeles LGBT Center to facilitate a larger conversation around consent and sexual assault among the LGBTQ community. Find our series on consent here.

What do you think of the accusations against BoyCrush owner Bryan Schwandt? Sound off in the comments.

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