The Daily Sting, Monday: Pope Says ‘No Room’ for Gay Priests, Milo Yiannopoulos Millions in Debt

The Daily Sting, Monday: Pope Says ‘No Room’ for Gay Priests, Milo Yiannopoulos Millions in Debt

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As you get your week started on this Monday, be sure to ‘read in’ on the day’s top headlines, like the Pope saying there’s no place in the Catholic Church for gay priests, and news of a broke Milo Yiannopoulos coming from The Guardian.

In other news, it turns out the USMCA trade deal isn’t as LGBTQ-friendly as everyone thought, Halsey comes for Victoria’s Secret following the CEO’s transphobic comments and homophobic players of the video game Fallout 76 have been permanently banned from playing.

From bad news for gay priests to even worse news for a broke Milo Yiannopoulos, here’s the day’s big gay news:

1. According to Pope, There’s ‘No Room’ for Gay Priests in the Catholic Church (News)

Though his comments around homosexuality previously saw him deemed the “cool Pope,” an interview Pope Francis recently gave for an upcoming book sees much harsher words. He has reportedly said there is “no room” for gay priests in Catholic priests and nuns. “In our societies, it even seems homosexuality is fashionable. And this mentality, in some way, also influences the life of the Church,” he has said.

2. Broke Milo Yiannopoulos Reportedly Millions in Debt, Says Guardian (News, Culture)

The poster boy for the alt-right homocon movement isn’t doing so well, according to The Guardian, which has reported that a broke Milo Yiannopoulos is millions in debt. According to documents seen by the paper, he owes more than $2 million to employees of his company, his wedding venue and his former lawyers. He reportedly owes thousands to fellow alt-right writers as well, and according to a letter from Yiannopoulos to his former Australian tour promoters, he claims he returned his wedding ring to Cartier to resolve his debt with the jewelry maker.

3. It Turns Out the USMCA Trade Deal Doesn’t Offer LGBTQ Protections After All (World)

Three days ago we reported that the USMCA trade deal between the United States, Mexico and Canada featured language requiring the countries to implement language protecting workers against discrimination based on sex or sexuality — something American conservative politicians were up in arms over. But it’s now come to light that, according to a Canadian outlet, “The final agreement has a change in language that various analyses suggest will water down its reach: The new wording calls on each country to implement policies each ‘considers appropriate to protect workers against employment discrimination on the basis of sex.’” And a footnote calls current U.S. policies “sufficient to fulfill the obligations” of the deal.

4. Homophobic Players of Fallout 76 Have Been Banned for Life (Gaming)

The company responsible for the popular series of Fallout games have banned for life several players who engaged in homophobic conduct on the game. They reportedly harassed other players of the game by telling them, “We have come to eliminate all gays” and saying things about “[decontaminating] the AIDS.” (The game uses a proximity-based chat functionality that lets users interact with people nearby.) The ringleader of the harassment, who goes by NathanTheHicc, is reportedly an American high school senior. The players involved were initially banned for three days, then once the incident and their behavior was confirmed, they were banned for life.

5. Halsey Claps Back at Victoria’s Secret Over Company’s Lack of Inclusion (Celebrities)

Pop singer Halsey performed at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (which was recorded in early November), but she recently took to Twitter to voice her discontent with the famed lingerie brand. Following the fashion show’s taping, company CEO Ed Razek made transphobic and fatphobic remarks, saying he wouldn’t put trans women or women of size in the show — comments that sparked backlash. So Halsey has now taken to Twitter to share a statement in which she distances herself from the brand and encourages people to support GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, which aims to support LGBTQ youth (and to which Halsey also donated a arge sum). “If you are a trans person reading this, and [the CEO’s] comments have made you feel alienated or invalidated, please know that you have allies,” Halsey said.

What do you think of the Pope’s comments on gay priests? And are you shocked to hear of a broke Milo Yiannopoulos?

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