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When is World HIV Day? Is a penis transplant actually a thing? What is the significance of using the term HIV over AIDS in our current discussions? What fitness advice can gay adult film stars and gay trainers share when it comes to maintaining a sexy physique? Why is there still a ban on gay men donating blood? Find answers to all of these questions and more in the gay health section of Hornet.

Staying current on health news is a vital part of gay culture as a whole. With higher rates of depression and suicide affecting LGBTQ people, it's vital that we remain aware of the gay health issues our community faces. Hornet is proud to keep you informed on health-related issues, as well as the many advancements we've made.

Here are just some of the key topics we cover under health: Fitness HIV Mental Health
Just a Little Snip? 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Circumcision

You might think that a majority of men are cut or that uncircumcised penises transmit more STIs, but check out these circumcision facts first

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We Asked 200 Hornet Users What They’re Most Looking Forward to Once the World Opens Up Again

The world’s shutdown following the onset of COVID-19 has affected everyone, whether you work from home, have been forced to go to work despite the shutdown or find yourself not working at all due to the pandemic’s effects. And while there actually are parts of the globe that have seemingly[…]

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Sex With an Ex Isn’t Always Unhealthy, and Sometimes It’s Actually Just What You Need

Breaking up often disregards the possibility of keeping that person in our lives, and one way to maintain a healthy relationship is through sex with an ex

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Why I Gave Up on My Rule of Not Dating a Cigarette Smoker

After looking into the LGBTQ community’s high rates of cigarette smoking, this writer broke one of his longstanding rules

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