The Ins and Outs of Pride Style for Pride Season

pride style
Getting ready for Pride? Us too! Have you planned your ensemble for the big day, week or maybe month of celebration? Hornet is here to help. Whether you plan to rock rainbow gear or simply add a splash of color to your wardrobe, Hornet has you covered when it comes to perfect Pride Style. The very first Pride parade took place in 1970 in New York, one year after the infamous Stonewall uprising. To commemorate the struggle of the first dissenters and to protest social and legislative discrimination against LGBT people, marchers took to the streets. Since then, Pride parades have spread across the world, becoming the most extravagant and diverse events in the LGBTQ community calendar. They're often characterized by glitz, glamour, feathers and gravity-defying heels, but there's truly no wrong way to show off your own Pride Style. Creating your own Pride Style these days is easier than ever, as many well-known brands release their very own Pride collections. Here we've got the scoop on all that and more!
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