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Gay people were made for the theater, and gay theater is consumed by the entire world. There’s nothing in the world quite like live theater. It’s flashy, it's in your face and it’s brought to you by the hard work and devotion of hundreds of LGBTQ people. For many LGBTQ people, the theater is where they feel most at home — the sets, the costumes, the egos. No one can deny how influential gay theater fans have been when it comes to this industry, both behind the curtain and sitting in front of it. And, of course, many of the most well-known musicals and stage productionsCabaret, La Cage aux Folles and Hairspray come to mind — were some of the first big-ticket entertainment options to portray members of the LGBTQ community. Theater comes in many different shapes and colors. Whether it’s on Broadway, the West End or on a small stage in your town, our coverage here is crafted with gay theater fans in mind.
Laugh Your Fears Away with 7 of the Funniest Gay Comedians Ever

Has the news got you so worried you can barely think straight? Take a break from Trump with these seven brilliant LGBTQ comedians

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Why Re-Animator Is the Perfect Horror Musical

Re-Animator is super-popular with horror fans — but who would expect that it’d be so well-suited to become a stage musical?

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Actress Fired From UK’s ‘The Color Purple’ After 5-Year-Old Anti-Gay Tweets Come to Light

Oluwaseyi Omooba was fired after a five-year-old anti-gay tweet was brought to light

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The ‘James Dean of Ballet’ Was Dropped From ‘Swan Lake’ for a Homophobic Instagram Post

The Ukrainian ballet dancer posted a sexist, anti-LGBTQ rant, and thereafter had his Paris invite rescinded

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