We Asked This Doctor About the Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Anal Sex

We Asked This Doctor About the Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Anal Sex

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In parts of the country where its purchase and ingestion is legal, CBD has become all the rage. Bar and restaurant menus in California feature CBD in certain cocktails and dishes. Here in Los Angeles, for an extra $10 my local coffee shop will add a dose of CBD to my daily doppio espresso over ice. You’ll find it in grooming products, edibles for your pets and — you guessed it — sex products, too.

But CBD still faces major confusion from consumers. Science has attributed quite a lengthy list of effects to people who ingest or topically apply CBD — everything from shrinking tumors to easing cramps to benefiting your skin — but one thing CBD doesn’t do is get you high. (That’s THC.)

CBD lacks psychoactive properties, and the common consensus is that it’s a great way to relieve anxiety or pain, which is why CBD’s popularity is on the rise. The San Francisco Chronicle predicted that by 2020 CBD will be a $22 billion industry, sold over the counter and online. Just today the U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved the very first medication containing CBD, meaning it can be made available across all 50 states.

But back to the sex stuff. Gay sex. Gay anal sex, to be more specific. CBD has some major benefits when it comes to increasing enjoyment and reducing anxiety around this favorite gay pastime, says Dr. Evan Goldstein, a pioneer in concierge-style medical expertise via his practice Bespoke Surgical. He’s Hornet’s new go-to for gay men’s sexual health and wellness issues.

We sat down with Dr. Goldstein and asked him all about the combination of CBD and gay sex.

(But first, a disclaimer from the doctor: “I definitely suggest people consult a doctor who is knowledgable in CBD before experimenting with its use — sexually or otherwise. As with trying anything for the first time, you want to make sure it’s not going to interact with any personal ailments or other medications you may be on. Unfortunately, because this is a relatively new frontier, not all doctors have a comprehensive understanding of CBD. There are a lot of resources out there — medical experts and brands — that are leading the charge in educating the masses about CBD, so do your homework.”)

HORNET: First, what exactly is CBD oil?

DR. EVAN GOLDSTEIN: CBD is short for cannabidiol, a chemical found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the more famous chemical compound in the plant, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have psychoactive affects — you’re not getting stoned on CBD, but most people will report a heightened state of deeper relaxation through their body.

What are some of the main benefits of CBD oil when used for anal sex?

I see a lot of clients who have difficulty engaging anally. There are notably both mental and physical limitations. The use of CBD has the potential to alleviate both of these restrictions.

The anal canal, through both suppository and lubricant administration, has significant plexuses of blood vessels, allowing for quick systemic absorption, all the while providing localized effects for fruitful engagement. Essentially, it allows anal intercourse to be that much easier without the harmful effects that desensitizing lubes have. These can prevent you from feeling pain, which, in turn, increases the likelihood of serious injury. It’s truly a game-changer.

Mental relaxation is key to enjoying receptive anal sex, and many are not blessed with this neurological skill. This technique can be a learned with the assistance of CBD, as it can help decrease the time required to achieve complete relaxation. Additionally, pelvic floor dysfunction limits sexual pleasures across all genders. For men, it may help with erectile dysfunction caused by anxiety, depression or other mental blocks.

Does CBD oil heighten orgasms, too?

Its use can supplement individuals who already enjoy anal sex — as either a top or a bottom — and instead make sex even more mind-blowing due to its ability to increase tactile sensation and pleasure. This can mean heightened orgasms and closer partnerships. It’s more about taking an exciting experience in its own right and becoming more pleasurable for all involved parties with the ultimate goal of pure ecstasy.

And I understand there are some benefits to CBD oil post-anal sex.

CBD has the ability to assist in healing minor to major trauma, specifically in the anal region. Trauma can happen even if one doesn’t feel any different post-engagement because we know on a microscopic level that some detriment is present. CBD oils can assist in anal tears, known as fissures, or dilated veins, known as hemorrhoids, through its anti-inflammatory effects, along with decreasing the overall localized muscle pressure.

The lowering of localized muscle pressure (both voluntary and involuntary) allows for smooth sailing during defecation, which in turn allows all localized irritated tissues to finally heal. Remember, your sphincter is a muscle, and the reflex is to keep it contracted at all times. We want control and relaxation for both defecation and, more importantly, all things anal. The cycle of appropriate post-intercourse treatments then, in turn, readies one for the next and the next and the … you get it.

Does CBD oil interfere with PrEP or other medications?

Great question. Without getting too medical, it all has to do with what’s called the “CYP450” pathway. This is the metabolism roadmap of both CBD oil and Truvada through the kidneys and liver. When someone starts on Truvada, they should have a blood test, making sure no interactions may already exist. Since CBD also interacts with these “CYP450” enzymes, depending on the dosing and the timing of both, one may in theory cause a backup. What does that truly do in terms of toxic effects? Unfortunately, it has not been studied yet.

So my best suggestion would be to stagger doses: with Truvada being taken in the morning and then the CBD oils later in the day. In addition, you can periodically ask your physician to take a blood test making sure there are no long term effects with ingestion of both Truvada and CBD.

Dr. Evan Goldstein

And there are also benefits for guys who may suffer from IBS and who may avoid anal sex because of that?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be quite debilitating, especially for those who like to engage in anal play. CBD use can modulate these gastrointestinal symptoms, allowing successful anal engagement and an overall higher quality of life. One’s irritability stems from a multitude of psycho-social and physical reasons, and one size doesn’t fit all here. But CBD use tends to take away enough of the edge to create smooth sailing.

Our bodies are easily trainable in regimenting our body functions. And with the security of appropriate evacuation and the diminishing of the “always needing to shit” phenomena, it builds the confidence to bring anal engagement into guys’ everyday life. It doesn’t work for everyone, but if it’s a part of one’s regimen, it may be able to assist more than you know.

Have you ever used CBD oil for anal sex? Are you gonna give it a try now?

Find proctologist and anal surgeon Dr. Evan Goldstein and his practice Bespoke Surgical, located in both Los Angeles and New York City, here.

This article was originally published on September 28, 2020. It has since been updated.

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