If Elected Governor, Cynthia Nixon Wants to Bring Legal Weed to New York State

If Elected Governor, Cynthia Nixon Wants to Bring Legal Weed to New York State

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As good Sex and the City fans, we’ve been following Cynthia Nixon‘s run for Governor of New York State. At a private fundraiser last week, Nixon said that she wanted to legalize cannabis and tax it as a revenue source for New York State. The Cynthia Nixon marijuana plan differs from current governor Andrew Cuomo’s cannabis plan: He opposes the legalization of recreational pot.

According to the New York Times, Nixon was “very exuberant” about using recreational marijuana to increase tax revenue. Nixon shared her beliefs at a house party at the home of former actress Isabel Gillies. Approximately 70 attendees donated $50 each to Nixon’s campaign.

Nixon announced her candidacy two weeks ago on March 19. Since then, she has been criticized for a lack of experience and for not making statements on her policies.

Instead, she has criticized Governor Cuomo, asking if he is a “real Democrat” and has joked that among her qualifications are the fact that her “chief of staff has not been convicted on three counts of bribery.” This is in reference to Cuomo’s former campaign manager Joseph Percoco who was convicted in a recent corruption trial.

While Cynthia Nixon doesn’t have political experience, she is a success in her professional life. She’s an Oscar away from an EGOT — that’s winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony — as well as an activist who has fought for marriage equality, public education and women’s health care. She has also been honored for her leadership on LGBT issues by GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign.

While it’s too soon to predict Nixon’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination for governor, let alone the general election, Cuomo’s approval rating is below 50%. With such a low approval rating, it’s definitely possible for a challenger like Nixon to beat him.

And when it comes to the Cynthia Nixon marijuana plan, it appears more New Yorkers are with her than with Cuomo. According to a recent poll, 62% of New York voters are in favor of legalizing and taxing recreational marijuana, with only 28% opposed. New York’s fiscal year started this Sunday, and Gov. Cuomo’s office estimated the state will face a $4.4 billion deficit in 2018.


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