The Daily Sting, Tuesday: LGBTQ Migrants in Caravan Claim Discrimination, Malaysia De-Gays ‘BoRhap’

The Daily Sting, Tuesday: LGBTQ Migrants in Caravan Claim Discrimination, Malaysia De-Gays ‘BoRhap’

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Let’s take a look at Tuesday’s top headlines, starting with claims by LGBTQ migrants that due to discrimination by other members of the Central America caravan currently heading to the United States, they have gone their separate ways. And Malaysia has reportedly confirmed that its censorship board has removed any ‘gay stuff’ from the hit film Bohemian Rhapsody.

In other Tuesday news, Henry Golding — hunky star of Crazy Rich Asians — is the first Asian man to be acknowledged as one of GQ magazine’s “Men of the Year.” People are talking about an insane video game in which a player murders gay people and journalists, and pop icon Lady Gaga documented her home evacuation due to the fires burning in Los Angeles.

From LGBTQ migrants’ discrimination claims to Malaysia’s de-gaying of BoRhap, here are today’s top stories:

1. LGBTQ Migrants Are Claiming Discrimination by Central America Caravan Heading to U.S. (News)

There’s been extensive coverage in the United States about the Central American caravan heading for the U.S. border, full of individuals seeking asylum. It’s now being reported that LGBTQ migrants have had to leave that caravan due to discrimination, and a large group has reportedly now reached the MexicoCalifornia border, currently stationed in Tijuana. “Even to bathe was a big problem, and when we wanted to shower there was no water … same with food,” one of the LGBTYQ migrants told NBC San Diego, also detailing verbal abuse. The group is expected to make its asylum claims at the U.S. border in the coming days. Read more about this story here.

2. Henry Golding Is the First Asian Man to Be One of GQ‘s ‘Men of the Year’ (Celebrities)

You know him from Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favor, and now you know him as one of this year’s “Men of the Year,” an annual tradition by the American edition of GQ magazine. Named “Star of the Year” by the men’s magazine, the British Malaysian actor, 31, is actually the very first Asian man to ever be given the honor. “He’s handsome, he’s suave, and that accent. A nation swooned, and GQ did too,” says the mag.

3. Malaysia Fesses Up to Removing Gay Sex Scenes From Bohemian Rhapsody (Film)

The version of the Rami Malek-starring Bohemian Rhapsody that you’d see in Malaysia is considerably shorter than the film you’d see in the United States, because Malaysia’s censorship board has cut the film’s scenes referencing Freddie Mercury’s gay lifestyle. Malaysian movie-goers have claimed that due to pieces of the plot being removed, the film is now difficult to comprehend. Check out Hornet’s review of the film here.

4. Lady Gaga Documents Her Home Evacuation During L.A. Fires (News)

Lady Gaga, one of several big-name celebrities who was forced to evacuate their beachside homes in Los Angeles due to the city’s raging fires, documented the emotional evacuation of her Malibu house, not knowing whether it would even be standing the next time she saw it. Lady Gaga also took time to thank firefighters, and let all those in the city who are currently dealing with the Woolsley fire know they are in her prayers. Other big-name celebrities whose houses have been destroyed include Miley Cyrus, Neil Young, Gerard Butler and Caitlyn Jenner.

5. White Nationalists Are Supporting This Video Game Where Gay People Are Murdered (Gaming)

A new video game titled Angry Goy II has a level in which the player enters a gay club called “LGBTQ+ Agenda HQ” and is tasked with murdering the queer people inside. On another level, players kill the journalists working at “Fake News Network.” One person promoting the game on social media is white nationalist Christopher Cantwell, who last year got the nickname “Crying Nazi” after he made a video in which he teared up discussing his potential arrest after the Charlottesville white power rally. “Instead of taking out your frustrations on actual human beings, you can fight the mongrels and degenerates on your computer! Use guns, knives, pepper spray, and more!” he wrote.

What do you think of the LGBTQ migrants’ claims of discrimination? And of Malaysia de-gaying the hit movie Bohemian Rhapsody?

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