The Daily Sting, Wednesday: Mueller Is Ready to Talk, Several Gays Attacked in Paris

The Daily Sting, Wednesday: Mueller Is Ready to Talk, Several Gays Attacked in Paris

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Today we have a special edition of The Daily Sting in which each of today’s top headlines hail from countries around the world. Consider it an “international news edition” of our daily roundup. But first we’ve gotta start with the big news out of the United States — the Mueller report is ready, according to the team of the man investigating Trump for collusion.

In other news, we’ve got some unfortunate headlines out of Paris and Rome; Toronto, Canada has lifted the city’s ban on police in its annual Pride parade; and Thailand could surpass Taiwan to become the first Asian nation with same-sex marriage.

From the Mueller report to homophobic Rome billboards, here are today’s top five headlines:

1. The Mueller Report Is Ready, But We Won’t Know His Conclusions Just Yet

Robert Mueller, the special counsel assigned to investigate accusations that Donald Trump colluded with Russia in order to ascend to the presidency (and who has secured convictions on several other crimes and shady behavior in the midst of that investigation), is “ready to deliver the key findings.” Two unnamed officials are saying the Mueller Report will be delivered shortly after America’s November midterm elections, and it will focus on two things: whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, and whether Trump took actions that obstructed justice. Whether the Mueller Report will be made public is another question entirely, as his findings will only be presented to Trump’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Read the full story by Bloomberg News here.

2. Toronto Pride Lifts Two-Year Ban on Having City’s Police Participate

For the last two years, Toronto Police have been asked not to wear uniforms if they marched in the city’s Pride parade due to the city’s lack of trust in those sworn to protect them. In that time, many conversations have taken place between Pride organizers, Toronto Police and the community, and the ‘ban’ has officially been lifted for 2019. Reaction to the decision is mixed.

In completely unrelated news, Canada has officially legalized recreational use of marijuana. For those who travel to Canada, though, be aware that laws vary on a local level, edibles are still illegal (for at least a year) and there are as of yet very few licensed retailers open. Read more about it here.

3. The Mayor Wants These Homophobic Rome Billboards Removed

“Two men don’t make a mother,” reads a bunch of homophobic Rome billboards that went up in the city earlier this week. They were put up by a group called ProVita that is anti-abortion and supports only ‘traditional family’ situations. Earlier this year the group was responsible for putting up anti-abortion billboards outside the Vatican. (Though no word how they feel about child sex abuse being covered up by the church.) These new Rome billboards are attacking gay surrogacy, and Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi has demanded they be removed. There’s a law that prohibits ads which disrespect individual rights and liberties, and Raggi says, “The exploitation of a gay couple and infant offends all citizens.”

Read the full story here

4. The Last Month Has Seen At Least 5 Homophobic Attacks in Paris

The President of an organization called Urgence Homophobie, Guillaume Mélanie, is merely the latest gay man to be attacked on the streets of Paris in the last month. “Tonight it is my turn. Homophobic attack after leaving a restaurant. Broken nose. Shocked. Blood everywhere. I am gay, and it’s 2018,” he posted on Twitter. On Oct. 6, two gay men who were kissing were attacked. On Oct. 8, two women who were kissing were beat up. On Oct. 13, a man was attacked for wearing makeup. And in late September, actor Arnaud Gagnon was jumped by six people after he hugged his boyfriend outside a theater.

5. Thailand Could Actually Beat Taiwan to Same-Sex Marriage

Hornet reported in July that this could happen. Thailand’s Justice Minister was drafting a Civil Partnership Bill, expected to be intro’d to parliament this past September, and if approved it could grant gay couples marriage rights, hospital visitation rights and inheritance rights (though not adoption rights). More than 60,000 signatures were collected in support of the bill, and rumor has it that the country’s military government wants to pass the bill before next February’s general election. If passed, Thailand would be the first Asian nation to legalize gay marriage, beating Taiwan, which has been dragging its feet after the Taiwan Constitutional Council ruled in May that the government must legalize it.

Are you excited for the Mueller Report to be wrapped up? What are your thoughts on those Rome billboards?

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